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A note to our friends:
  If any of you have photos of horses from Sweet Grass Farm that you would like to send us, PLEASE do so!  We want to keep up with our horses, and babies.  We also find people who buy our babies like to look at their siblings as they get older.

 Here are a few Sweet Grass Farm horses that have stayed in South Carolina, and are doing great in the show ring!

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Congradulations to Ashley in New Hampshire. Best of luck in the show ring with "Slick"

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Clusive Dream Maker:  "Slick" is Terry's gelding, and is only being sold due to the cancer circumstances.  He is a great riding woods/cow horse.  He has a great handle, and is quick, but gentle, has no bad habits, easy keeper, he can be trail ridden one day, then shown 2 days later.  He is a loud medicine hat, has a nice conformation with a QH head and tiny ears.  Slick could easily be a major youth/amateur performance prospect. He spins and stops if asked, but will easily quiet down for trail riding.  He is a great all around horse.  To a good home...SOLD

Click to view...I recently purchased a horse from Sweetgrass Farm. Slick is an amazing animal. During my Febuaury vacation on our way thorugh South Carolina my family stoppped at Ms.Cathy's farm to look at her horses. She and her two daughters are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They were every helpful and kind, giving us a tour of there farm and showing us all the horses. Ms. Cathy brought in two horses she thought I might like and showed us her babies too. When I saw Slick I knew he was the one.

A month later my dad drove from our farm in New Hampshire all the way down to South Carolina to pick Slick up and bring him back home. He has since been home for about a month and has recently particapated in his FRIST western pleasure show and placed 4th out of 8 horses in the Senior equation and pleasure classes...

He is respectful, loving, and extremly willing to do anything I through at him. He was so good he was falling alseep in the picture of us at the line up. We will be participating in a 4-H county show on June 22nd and hope to make it to states. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime we'll keep practcing, having fun, and maybe a few more shows.


I am writing to update you on “Belle” and “Summer”. Summer was Belle’s ’04 colt (Sired by Magnum) when we bought her (we call him Shiloh now). They are both doing great. We weren’t quite sure what we were getting ourselves into by buying horses. I had not ridden since I was a child and my husband was not a horse-person. Catherine immediately said that Belle would be perfect for us and she asked if we would like to take her baby too. Well, we did not know a thing bout horses, let alone BABY horses. She said “take him home, have him gelded, and do EVERYTHING with him”. Well, we did. My kids, then 4 and 1, walked him around our yard on a lead rope. We rubbed him with plastic bags. Our dogs chased him and he chased them. He would have come in the house if we would have let him. He did get up two steps to the deck one day.

There was one particular incident that revealed to me that we had an extraordinary horse. It was September 2005 and my son had started school. It was almost time to go down the driveway to get him off the bus. I had a few minutes though, so I went in the pasture and gave Belle and Shiloh some water and hay. As I headed down the driveway to get Trey, I saw that Shiloh had come to the fence line and was watching for Trey. Trey got off the bus and we headed back down the driveway, but I didn’t see Shiloh. I heard the fence rattling and I saw Shiloh on the ground. Immediately I knew what had happened.

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I started running and yelled to Trey to go inside and get his Dad. I ran to the fence and talked to Shiloh, telling him to stay still. When my husband came out, I jumped the fence. We got his feet out of the fence and I held them while my husband jumped the fence. Then he took the back feet and I took the front feet. We rolled him over and he stood up. I don’t think I breathed the entire time all of this was happening. When he got up and was walking fine without a scratch on him, I started crying. I knew that if he would have struggled at any point during any of this, we probably would have had to put him down. For a 16 month old horse to be restrained like this and to react like that was phenomenal.

I knew this horse had personality and brains, but it wasn’t until he went to the trainer on September 10, 2006 that I found out he had talent. Shiloh wasn’t there 10 minutes and the trainer spotted the talent in him. Shiloh spent 30 days there and captured their hearts. The trainer told me:

  • He is one of the best horses he has ever ridden
  • He starts 50 colts a year and this is the best one he has seen in two years
  • He needs to be shown western pleasure
  • We can put our kids on him with no problem
  • He told us that with one phone call, he could get us $5,000 for him
  • He said that if we put him in a few shows, we could get $25-35,000 for him
  • He wants a baby out of Belle and Magnum!!!

Shiloh is not for sale. We may show him, we may not. He is our family horse. My kids adore him. He truly is a part of our family. We will breed Belle again to Magnum. We hope to get another baby as smart, personable and talented as Shiloh. We can’t thank Sweet Grass Farm enough for providing us with such joy in these two horses. I proudly tell people where I bought my horses and I always recommend that they call the Wimberley’s if they want a great horse. Thanks Sweet Grass Farm…We Love Ya!!! Love,

The Hensing’s - Rob, Kelly, Trey (6), Chase (3) and Drew (1)

  (Photos of Laura Beth and Magic)

Black Nugget Bar, aka Jazz, and Lindsey from Sinrab Stables are doing great in the show pen.  She has Jazz jumping really well also!  They are another great team!  Keep it up! 


Jessica and Lacey:  Well we sold Laceys baby and then pulled her out of the pasture 9 days later! We took her to the show and Jessica decided to give her a shot. (She hasn't been in the show pen in over 2 yrs!). She took her to the beautyshop!! ...then put her in a hunter under saddle class. They took 5th out of 22!! Wow, you guys are great together, and shocked me to death.  Keep up the good work, and we will see how you guys do jumping in Oct!  Love ya Jessie!  

Ruthie the awesome! I just had to get a photo of you making Clone do his thing!  You look great as usual!  Thank you for being the special friend you are! You inspire me!:) 

Customer Comments

      Bandit  I cannot thank you guys enough for giving us the opportunity to own our Bandit Jr.  (JSM Doc Bandit).  He is without a doubt, the smartest, sweetest horse we have ever own.  People are shocked when they watch us do things with him and then realize that he is a stallion.  This horse has brains!!!

        He does it all...from drill team work, to hours and hours on the trails, and now is going to begin a career as a roping horse.

        In 2007, we were blessed with two BEAUTIFUL babies from Bandit.  I just cannot say enough good things about him!

        Again thank you for giving us this opportunity!  May God bless you and see you through your hard times!

Keep The Faith!

Donna and Randy King

My husband and I recently purchased Callie (Cal's Triple Coy) from Catherine at Sweet Grass Farms and couldn't be happier! Everyone made us feel very comfortable and welcome and we enjoyed the tour and getting to meet the Sweet Grass Farms Family. Since this was a first horse for me, it was important that the horse be well-trained, safe and gentle. Callie is that and more. Everyone thinks she is absolutely beautiful! I wanted to send a photo to show she is settling in nicely at her new home and doing great! We love her - She is very sweet and so easy to handle and take care of. She does like to eat, but then again, she is eating for two! : ) We can't wait to meet her little one in May and see what beautiful pattern/color shows up. We will definitely be taking a lot of photos of Callie over the next several months and will keep everyone posted on her progress.

Thanks again for selling us such a wonderful horse!
~Sandra and Mark Smith


I wanted to send you some updated pictures on the "boys" so that if you wanted you could forward to your webmaster for your News page, it also has our correct e-mail address in it, so maybe you can just replace what's there with this. I've attached pictures of both Santana and Charlie for you to use.
We've really enjoyed these boys!!! Again, thanks so much!!

(July 2004 Update-Santana McCue)
We just wanted to let you know how the 2 stallions we purchased from Sweetgrass Farms are doing. We couldn't be any happier with them. Santana McCue (the black tobiano who is out of Black Onyx McCue x Sir Mickey McCue x Buck McCue Jr.) is now a 3 year old. He is open for breeding here at Double C Stables, with limited bookings to him. His first baby is due this month here at our farm. He is close to 16 hands, and still just as gentle and willing as he has always been. Santana has participated in numerous halter classes, has placed first in trail classes, he has team penned and even tried his hand at roping. Santana is so willing to do anything we've asked of him. We've had hours and hours of trail rides on him. He trails with geldings, mares or whatever and does it as a gentleman. He has been a wonderful addition to Double C Stables' breeding program, and most of all and has been an absolute pleasure to own and we have enjoyed him thoroughly. We look forward to many more years with Santana here. He is a sweetheart and I couldn't be any happier with any other horse. We are so thankful we were able to purchase Santana from Catherine and Sweetgrass Farms! He is just one of the many quality paint horses that you've had, and he is truly a part of our family.

Jody, Dawn & Jessie Cook
Double C Stables
Blairsville, GA * 706.745.7520 *

(July 2004 Update-Penny's Lucky Charlie)

Penny's Lucky Charlie (Charlie), the buckskin tobiano stallion, was our second purchase from Sweetgrass Farms and again, we couldn't be any happier to have him as part of our family here at Double C Stables. Charlie has a beautiful confirmation, gorgeous head, and is a very well bred stallion. His bloodlines include Two Eyed Jack; National Champions, The Invader, Dual Image and J Bar J, and also Painted Robin and Impressive. He has too made a wonderful addition to our breeding program here. Charlie is now 3 and has started his breeding this year, again with limited bookings.
We are truly grateful for allowing us to purchase yet another quality paint horse for you.
We've put a lot of trail rides on Charlie. Charlie has had a lot of training going on and when he catches on to something, he puts his whole heart into it and gives 110% and does it well. Charlie is participating and placing in his halter classes, he's done several of the local team pennings, and done them well, and has been started this year in beginner walk-trot and western pleasure classes and is doing very well. There are so many stories we could share with you about both of the stallions we've purchased from you, and in time, I'm sure you'll hear them. We are just so pleased with Charlie and Santana both, and we look forward to more paints from you in the future. Thank you again for selling us such honest, good quality, wonderful horses who have become family members to us!!!
Jody, Dawn and Jessie Cook
Double C Stables
Blairsville, GA * 706.745.7520 *

Once again my friend and horsewoman extraordinaire "Ruthie"
wins at the World Show! You go woman! Can't wait to see what
you do with Lacy!


...My husband and I just paid our first but most certainly not last visit to Sweetgrass Farm. We are absolutely in love with Catherine and her family!!! From the first return phone call to the actual visit we received exceptional service! We are purchasing one of the colts from Carolina Sunrise. He is a handsome little fellow and just as soon as he is weaned we will bring him home. The hospitality that Catherine and her children showed us was just wonderful! Terry was not at home but we look forward to meeting him the next time. We felt right at home even though it was a first time visit. If anyone is looking for a fine well cared for loved horse, Sweetgrass Farm is the place to go! We are telling all of our friends about Sweetgrass Farm and we know that some of them can hardly wait to visit the farm themselves. We look forward to doing business with the Wimberly family in the future!
Cynthia & Vincent Hamilton, Savannah, GA

We have been searching for the perfect horse to add to our herd for quite some time. After several forays across the Southeast, we were fortunate to find exactly what we wanted from Sweet Grass Farms. Jewel is one of the rare, "to good to be true" horses that everyone wants to own. She is safe and sane with incredible ground manners. Three smooth gaits, a responsive demeanor and a strong desire to please. And, what a great producer! This mare has awesome foals. We couldn't be happier with our new horse. Thanks, Catherine for raising and training such intelligent, sound and correct horses. We appreciate your candor, honesty and efforts on our behalf. We look forward to future interactions with the Wimberlys and their horses.
Ealy Quarter Horses Archer, Florida

Thanks to Catherine and the gang at Sweetgrass Farm for another perfect purchase! I recently purchased my third baby from Sweetgrass (Coriander, formerly Buttercup) and as usual, the only surprise was that she was even better than promised. She is an absolutely gorgeous filly that wants to please, is highly intelligent and very calm ( she followed a friend of mine up two steps and right into the house, and is only three and a half months old!) Finding a calm "sensible" horse is very important to me, since I have severe heart problems. I wasn't sure that I would ever be able to have horses again, but I knew that if I were to ever get another one, it would be from Catherine. Everything that I have purchased from Catherine has been SUPERIOR, and I purchased my first baby from her seven years ago. I plan to bring Corie back to her birth place when she is old enough to breed her to one of the awesome stallions standing at Sweetgrass Farm. Thanks for another wonderful experience guys!! We hope to get to see you soon!
- Kelly and Craig Malton

"For the last 8 months I have been actively searching web sites, tack shops and feed stores for a horse - the perfect horse for me. I finally found 'Merlot' at Sweet Grass Farm. She was honestly represented in the ad (which I found is many times not the case) and does everything that Catherine said she would. I very much look forward to my partnership with Merlot and will keep Sweet Grass Farm posted on our progress and show career.

Not only did I find a great horse but I also found southern hospitality at Sweet Grass Farm! I had a great time visiting with Catherine and Ruthie. Not only did I leave with a new horse but have also made 2 new friends!

Thank you, Catherine, Ruthie and Sweet Grass Farm!!

Karen Quesenbury

I wanted to write and thank you and your family for the warm hospitality and kindness you showed me during my recent visit to Sweet Grass Farm. I came to look at horses, and left with a great respect for you, your family, your horses, and the job all of you do on your family farm.

I came to you a few weeks after taking a severe fall off a horse. Being such a beginner rider, I was pretty naïve. I didn't realize how much of an effect that had on me until I got up on a horse and admitted my fears. It was clear to me that I needed to get my confidence back before I bought a horse. I was amazed at how understanding and encouraging all of you were to me. You could have tried to talk me into buying a horse, but you didn't. You definitely cared much more about me, my feelings, and the match between the horse and rider, than about making a sale. I cannot tell you how much I respect and appreciate you for that.

I'm taking lessons now, to get my confidence back. Sometimes I still wonder if I should have bought that horse. She was so sweet and gentle, and probably would have been just what I needed to work on my confidence with. But I know that when I'm ready, there will be more Sweet Grass horses who are also sweet and gentle. I can't get over how I could walk through your pastures with horses and how every single one would come up to say hi, with respect for my space and excellent ground manners. And to see stallions so well behaved that your kids can handle them…well, the handling and training they get there really shows.

I am going to tell anyone I know who is looking for a horse to call Sweet Grass Farm. I can tell them how great your horses are, and how nice you, Terry and your kids are, but they will have to experience that for themselves to know that I am not exaggerating. It was such a pleasure to spend time with all of you, and I look forward to doing it again soon.

Nancy McKnight

Again, we want to thank Catherine and all the crew at Sweetgrass Farms, for yet again another purchase we’ve made from them for an addition to our Double C Stables family. This time we brought home to Georgia, a beautiful, 20 month old, buckskin tobiano stallion, “Penny’s Lucky Charlie”. He has such a wonderful, willing personality and is very easy going. He was certainly well worth the 5-hour trip to get him. Charlie has a beautiful confirmation, and is a very well bred stallion, with his bloodlines including Two Eyed Jack, National Champions, The Invader, Dual Image and J Bar J, and also Painted Robin and Impressive, he will make a wonderful addition to our breeding program here at Double C Stables.

Thank you again for allowing us to purchase yet another quality paint horse from you. We look forward to more paints in the future. Keep up the great work you do with your horses! They truly are a wonderful testament to the work you put into them!

[October Update] We've been putting lots of time on Charlie and Santana this summer and both are doing so great. Although Charlie is a completely different horse as for as training goes compared to Santana (who just does what ever you ask of him without any fuss at all). Charlie on the otherhand, has to be carefully guided through training situation because if he gets confused about the lesson or cue he just freezes up but when he figures it out you better hang on cause when he gets it he puts all the heart and effort he can into it atleast 110%. Anyway there both great horses in their on respect. Theres so many stories we could share about the two of them and in time you'll probably here them all. Here is a picture of Charlie at a local team penning. He's doing really great on the cows.

Jody, Dawn & Jessie Cook
Double C Stables
Blairsville, GA 30512
Stables Phone: 706-745-7520

"I finally got around to taking some pictures of "deuce" as I call him. I thought you might would like to see him. He's turning out to be a very good horse. He still has his manhood so he can be a handful at times, but more often then not he's a true gentleman. Ihope all is well at sweetgrass farms. Thanks again for a wonderful horse."

Jay Parler


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