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About SGF

Sweetgrass Farm is located on the edge of the South Carolina Santee Delta. This section of the the United States has changed little since the early Europeans began to settle the area.Still embossed in wilderness and farming , Williamsburg county holds much of the same antebellum charm that once crissed-crossed the South prior to the American Civil War.

Sweetgrass Farm lies nestled beneath the watchful eye of Spanish Oaks that have guarded the plantation for over 200 years. Ideally located in the center of the charming South, we are roughly within an hours drive to 3 major cities, Charleston, Georgetown/Mrytle Beach/Grand Strand, and Columbia.We specialize in breeding quality registered American Paint Horse Assoc. and American Quarter Horse Assoc. horses, as well as American Kennell Club Boxers.
The emphasis and philosophy of our program is not to breed just for color but for a quality horse that emcompasses what we believe to be the total package- confirmation, athletic ability, sociability, and intelligence. Our philosophy of raising horses is very similar to the making of a fine wine. It takes a lot of time and preparation, as well as the best possible ingredients. After this is done, one must constantly monitor the progress. Then you wait and wait and h ope and pray that Mother Nature will help supply the remainder.

We extend an invitation to you to come and experience the magic of “Southern Lowcountry Living”, and why we believe we have established such a distinctive group of horses.

Terry & Catherine Wimberly
Sweetgrass Farm